Visitor Registration

Visitor Registration

Welcome your visitors on location.

What can a visitor do if the QR code does not work on arrival?

If the QR code does not work on arrival, the visitor can still check in manually by entering a Visit...

What happens after a visitor has checked in?

As soon as a visitor has checked in on arrival at the location, the host (the user with whom the...

The visitor is already here, but I forgot to register him or her, what now?

If a visitor arrives at the location, but he or she is not registered beforehand, the visitor can register themselves...

How do I edit a visitor in the web app?

Click on 'Visits' in the top bar, To edit a visitor, click on the corresponding invitation.

I have registered a visitor, what now?

After registering the visitor, he/she will receive an invitation at the indicated email address with all the details of the...

How do I register a new visitor in the web app?

Navigate to ‘Visits’ in the top bar of the web app, to register a new visitor, select the ‘+ Add visitor’ button, a form opens to fill in the details of your visitor.
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