How do I change the availability (stage) of a desk/room/zone?

  1. Navigate to ‘Assets’ in the menu.
  2. Select the name of the desk/room you want to edit.
  3. Select the desk/room name and then on the ‘Edit’ button.
  4. Then scroll down the screen to ‘Select stage’.
  5. Select the correct stage for you desk/room.

Active: an asset is set to ‘Active’ by default. This makes it visible and bookable in the app. The stage ‘Active’ is equal to the status ‘Visible’ however, ‘Visible’ is only used in exceptional cases. You should always use the stage ‘Active’.

Blocked: If you want to block an asset, set it to ‘Blocked’. It’s now grayed out and can’t be reserved. It will also no longer appear in the list view (but it will in the map view).

Hidden: If you want to completely hide an asset in the app, set it to ‘Hidden’. It is no longer displayed in the app, but still in the OfficeAdmin.

Managed: It is also possible to set up a workplace/room in such a way that it can only be managed by an Admin administrator from the OfficeAdmin and not by an end user. It will be visible in the mobile app and web app, only the ‘Reserve’ button will not be visible. The desk/room is then set to ‘View only’.

If you want to give a desk/room the ‘Managed’ stage, you must select the extra check mark at ‘Managed’. The stage of the desk/room will remain ‘Active’. The ‘Managed’ functionality will not be working with any other stage than ‘Active’.

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