How can I see which employees are checked in?

Overview of checked-in employees

Navigate to ‘Sessions’ in the left menu. This screen displays a list of all running sessions. You can choose whether you want to view only the active sessions or the entire history (depending on your filters). You have the option to filter by user name, date, location, category and time.

About checking in and out

Sessions can be started manually (through a user check-in) or automatically (by, for example, a sensor that detects occupancy). Users can use the app to check in by scanning a QR code, selecting the check-in button in the reservation details, or entering a workplace or room ‘Tag code’.

At midnight, sessions are automatically ended (due to an Officebooking default). This ensures that no extended sessions are stored in the system. It is possible to specify that if you do not check in on time, your reservation will expire (for example after 15 minutes). This helps to avoid no-shows. It is also possible to have a user automatically checked out at the end of his or her reservation.

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