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Is it possible for coworkers to see who’s checked in?

In both the mobile app and the web app, users have the option to see which colleagues have checked in. This works with the ‘Who’s at Work’ feature.

In the mobile app, you can find this feature by navigating to ‘Who’s at Work‘ in the menu. In the web app you can find ‘Who’s at Work‘ by navigating to ‘Dashboard’ in the menu or via the Who’s at Work list in the map view, where you see an overview of your colleagues per floor. This shows which colleagues are currently in the office and where they are located. If there are colleagues with a certain important role, such as a firefighter or emergency response officer, this role will be displayed as a label with this user in the list. This way you always know who is in the building in the event of an emergency.


As a user, it is possible to make yourself invisible to other users (a user does this himself in ‘Settings‘ in the mobile app or at ‘My profile‘ in the web app). This way the user is not visible in the ‘Who’s at Work’ list. However, they will still be visible in the session overview in the OfficeAdmin.

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