How do I view all reservations?

Reservation planner

Navigate to ‘Reservations’ in the left menu. In this screen the reservation planner is displayed with all reservations that have been made. The reservations for today are shown by default, but you can also search for any other desired day. In addition, you have the option to filter by name of the workplace/room, the specific location and floor, or category and time.


List view

In addition to the planner view, there is also a list view. Switch to the list view (via the ‘List’ tab) to view more reservation details or have more filter options. Below is an overview of the different icons in the list view and what they mean:

  • Checked in (clock): A user is checked in to this reservation.
  • Stopped (stop sign): The reservation has been stopped. This was done manually (by user or Admin) or because the user did not check in on time.
  • Recurrence (arrows): This reservation is a recurring reservation.
  • Invitees (envelope): several attendees are invited for the reservation. These can be internal colleagues or external visitors.
  • Amenities (basket): The reservation includes additional services or amenities, such as catering.
  • Bookinglist (screen): when you check the box under ‘Show in Bookinglist’, the reservation will automatically be displayed on the Bookinglist. For example, if the reservation is confidential, you can uncheck the box and the reservation will not be visible.

Select the reference code of your reservation to view more detailed information.

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