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How do I create a recurring reservation for an employee?

Making a recurring reservation is currently only possible from the web app and for Location Managers or Admins from OfficeAdmin. Once this functionality is fully developed, it will also be possible to do this within the mobile app. As a Location Manager or Admin, you may receive a request from an employee to schedule this recurring reservation for him/her.

Rules for a recurring reservation

Making a recurring reservation is a small extra step you take in making a reservation. However, there are a few points to pay extra attention to:

  • The end date of the series of reservations may not be more than 180 days in the future. These 180 days count from now. So it is not possible to schedule a series with a start date in January 2022 and an end date in March 2022, because the end date is more than 180 days in the future from now.
  • The date of the reservation itself and the end date of the reservation series may not fall on a day when the location is closed. If you receive this error message, check the opening hours of the location via ‘Locations’ > ‘Edit’ > ‘Opening Hours’.
  • It is not possible to make a reservation at a time when there is already a reservation. So it may happen that one of the reservations within your reservation series (after saving) is missing because an existing reservation has already been made.

Note: In addition to these standard rules, there may be specific restrictions set for you at the organization or user level. For example, the maximum number of days in advance to make a reservation or the maximum number of reservations per week. These settings also apply when making a recurring reservation and can therefore cause conflicts. As an Admin or Location Manager, these restrictions do not apply when you make a reservation for yourself, but they do apply when you make a reservation for a user to whom these restrictions apply.

If you are unable to make a reservation for a specific user, always check which user group that user is in and which restrictions are set for that group.

Read more about restrictions/policy settings here.

Create a recurring reservation

  1. Navigate to ‘Reservations’ in the left menu.
  2. In the planner, you create a new reservation by dragging a time slot to the desired workstation/space. When dragging, a gray block appears on the reservation time slot.
  3. Then a pop-up opens where you can enter the reservation details.
  4. Select the user for whom you want to make the reservation. An email with the reservation information will be sent to that user.
  5. Fill in the other details as desired. This works the same as in the web app.
  6. To make the reservation recurring, select the checkbox next to ‘Recurring reservation’.
  7. Now a window will appear where you can indicate whether you want to repeat the reservation daily or weekly. With the ‘Week’ option, select the days on which you want to repeat the reservation (taking note of the location’s opening hours).
  8. Then select an end date for the entire reservation series. Check the reservation details and then select the ‘Save’ button to save your recurring reservation.

In the list view of the ‘Reservations’ screen, it is also possible to make a reservation via the ‘+ New Reservation’ button. Then follow the same steps in the reservation pop-up. After saving, the reservation will appear in the list.

Received confirmation email

After making a recurring reservation, you will always receive a combined confirmation email with all reservations from the series in one email. If there is something wrong with the series or an individual reservation from the series, it will be displayed in this confirmation email.

Cancelling recurring reservations

At this time, it is not possible to cancel the entire reservation series at once. For this reason, you will need to cancel the reservations one by one. Be aware of this and make sure not to reserve too far in advance.

Read here how to cancel a made reservation.

Problems with making a reservation

If something goes wrong with the series or an individual reservation, try again with the above rules in mind. If you are unable to successfully change the reservation yourself, please contact an Officebooking Support staff member via support@officebooking.net.

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