What is a VIP meeting?

This feature allows Admins and Location managers to create meetings that do not require check-in. This means that VIP meetings will not be stopped if the designated user does not check in. This addition is ideal for important meetings where no show management should not apply, for example meetings with external guests.

This feature is easy to use. When creating a VIP meeting in the Officebooking Admin, toggle the “VIP Reservation” switch to enable the feature. This will automatically disable the check-in requirement for the designated user. Attendees will still receive meeting reminders and notifications, and the reserved room will remain booked for the duration of the meeting.

The VIP meeting addition offers several benefits for users, including increased flexibility and convenience. This can be especially helpful for meetings with high-level executives or other important stakeholders. This feature also helps to streamline the reservation process, as important meetings will not be stopped.

Do you want to know how to create a VIP meeting? Click here.

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