Reservation title visibility and privacy settings

In general, Officebooking prioritizes user privacy in various ways. Users have the option to adjust their visibility to colleagues through personal settings, and anonymize data, and for certain integrations, specific reservation data can be fully anonymized. Typically, Officebooking displays reservation titles as the primary reference for a user’s booking. To reduce confusion and enhance office logistics, these titles are visible by default. However, if a user opts for ‘disable visibility’, their name will not be displayed. The handling of title visibility varies across different applications and may differ with various integrations.

Reservation Titles on Roombooking Panels

Reservation titles are visible by default. Titles marked as ‘private’ in Outlook will not be displayed on the Room booking panels.

Reservation Titles in Digital Signage Apps

Officebooking supports multiple Digital Signage apps, such as Bookinglist or Self-service kiosks. The reservation title is usually shown unless marked as ‘private’ by the user in the reservation settings. Titles set to ‘private’ in Outlook are hidden by default. Bulk editing of reservation visibility is available in officeAdmin.

Reservation Titles in Web and Mobile Apps

Reservation titles are generally visible to all users. Titles designated as ‘private’ in Outlook are hidden.

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