Privacy for end users

Privacy for end users

All answers to your questions about your privacy.

What information is provided to my employer?

Your employer or Officebooking administrator can view all current check-ins and data from the past (reservations, check-ins). This allows the...

What does Officebooking do with my personal data and what is stored?

Our services are developed according to the 'Privacy by design' principle. This means that we only store and process necessary data from you.

Why does the mobile app ask for permission to use my camera?

We use access to your camera to enable check-in via QR code.

How can I configure my visibility?

In the mobile app and web app you can configure your visibility via your personal profile.

Reservation title visibility and privacy settings

In general, Officebooking prioritizes user privacy in various ways. Users have the option to adjust their visibility to colleagues through personal settings, anonymize data, and for certain integrations, specific reservation data can be fully anonymized.
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