Privacy for administrators

Privacy for administrators

Preserve and manage the privacy of your employees.

What does Officebooking do with the personal information it collects?

If you use Single Sign On to log in, Officebooking only stores your name and e-mail address. The password is...

Is it possible for a user to remain anonymous in the app?

It is possible to set the user’s name to be displayed anonymously in the app and to other users. This...

Reservation title visibility and privacy settings

In general, Officebooking prioritizes user privacy in various ways. Users have the option to adjust their visibility to colleagues through personal settings, anonymize data, and for certain integrations, specific reservation data can be fully anonymized.

How can Officebooking anonymise our reservation and check in data?

Discover how Officebooking ensures privacy by anonymising reservation and check-in data.
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