How do I activate recurring reservations for end users?

Recurring reservation

Creating recurring reservations has always been available by default for Admins and Location Managers from OfficeAdmin. Recently, this feature has also been made available for end users from the web app. Every organization has its own policy, and not everyone wants an end user to be able to make a recurring reservation themselves. For this reason, we have made it possible to configure this functionality for end users.

When using the recurring reservation feature, the same set (User Group) restrictions apply to end users as with an individual reservation. A user with Admin rights can override these restrictions (for themselves). Read more about the different policy settings for end users here.

Activating the Feature

By default, this feature is turned off, but as an Admin, you can easily adjust this from OfficeAdmin and activate the feature.

  1. Open the OfficeAdmin.
  2. Navigate to ‘Settings’.
  3. Within the ‘General’ tab, scroll down to the setting ‘Recurring reservation enabled for users’.
  4. Turn on the switch here to activate the feature.
  5. Select the ‘Save’ button to save your changes.

Do you want to know more about using the recurring reservation feature?

Read here how an end user makes a recurring reservation via the web app.

Read here how an Admin makes a recurring reservation for an employee.

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