How do I edit a reservation in the web app?

In the web app, you can find your made reservations under “Reservations” in the menu. This screen gives you an overview of all your reservations. Within this screen, you can view the reservation details, and edit or cancel the reservation.

It is possible to change the title, start and end date, start and end time, the number of participants, and the invitees. It is not possible to transfer the reservation to another workplace/space. For this, you will need to cancel the reservation and create a new one for the desired workplace/space.

Note: A reservation can only be edited or cancelled if it has not started yet. If your reservation has already started, you can only stop it and create a new reservation.

  1. Navigate to “Reservations” in the top right menu.
  2. Select the reservation you want to edit and then click on it.
  3. Click on the icon of the pen, on the right of the screen. Now a pop-up will open.
  4. Change the information you want to change.
  5. Then select the “Save” button to save the reservation.

After saving your changes, you will receive a confirmation email with an update on your reservation.

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